Respite Support

  • Respite Support for Carers in Sydney

    Respite support helps to maintain caring relationships by facilitating short-term cover for carers of those with physical or mental disabilities. Taking regular breaks from care ensures that you are always providing the best possible care that you can, and enables both the disabled person and their carer to spend time apart which is important for maintaining a healthy relationship, especially when the carer is a relative or partner.

    Peace of Mind During Respite

    Many carers worry about the person they are caring for when they’re not there and feel that nobody else will be able to provide the same level of care. We can help you with the emotional support and planning involved in respite care to make sure that all involved get the most out of their experience, and guarantee the highest level of care is maintained when you’re not around.   

    Focus on Carer Needs

    Being a carer can be a stressful role, no matter how happy you are to take it on. Our respite support service provides short-term respite as well as access to information and assistance in dealing with your individual situation. We place equal focus on the needs of carers and the people they care for to make sure that both parties have choice and control over care arrangements.

    Types of Respite Care in Sydney

    Respite care can take many forms. Often the support will be provided in-home, where an experienced support worker looks after the person you care for in their own home. We also offer community-based respite where the person you care for joins us for a day program, or recreational respite if you would like to join in organised social or leisure activities together or separately.

    Respite Support Funding

    Respite opportunities vary according to your area and some will involve a cost. Available services depend on the needs of the person with the disability and their carer so we recommend that you contact your local ADHC service in NSW for more information.

    For more information about respite support or for assistance obtaining funding, call Helping Hands now on 0403 510 456 or send an email enquiry to