Short-Term Accommodation (Respite)

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What is Short-Term Accommodation (Respite)? 

Short term accommodation under the NDIS, also known as respite, is a short or long stay in a residential shared home. 


Short term accommodation provides an opportunity for carers and residents to enjoy a break from their usual routines in a supportive out of homestay environment for people with disability. 

Respite at Helping Hands 

Our short term accommodation is a ‘home away from home’, it's accommodation and supports for a short time from your usual home. Set in a comfortable and safe home environment our service is designed to be responsive to you and your family’s circumstances and needs while providing an environment where

you can learn new skills and build your independence.


At our short term accommodation home, you’ll receive:

             24/7 specialised support from our qualified and friendly staff           

             Nutritious and balanced meals 

             Fun activities, skill-building activities, social outings and more

             A fully accessible home environment that provides you with all the support you need           

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